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5 Worst Solar Companies In Australia 2023

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Australia, with its abundant sunshine, has become a hotbed for solar installations.

However, amidst the success stories, there are also tales of disappointment and frustration.

In this article, we highlight some of the worst solar companies in Australia, shedding light on their dubious practices and cautioning potential customers to exercise due diligence.

5 Worst Solar Companies In Australia

Worst Solar Companies In Australia

#1. Sunburnt Solar

Sunburnt Solar has earned a notorious reputation for its unethical business practices. Numerous customers have complained about shoddy installations, unreliable after-sales support, and misleading warranty claims.

Many have reported issues with system performance, inadequate components, and poor workmanship.

Sunburnt Solar’s lack of transparency and failure to honor warranties have left customers disgruntled and financially burdened.

#2. Solar Scammers Pty Ltd

Operating under different aliases, Solar Scammers Pty Ltd has been the subject of numerous consumer complaints.

The company is known for employing high-pressure sales tactics, preying on vulnerable individuals, and persuading them into purchasing overpriced and underperforming solar systems.

Many customers have reported being promised substantial energy savings that never materialized, while others experienced faulty installations and subsequent difficulty in obtaining refunds.

#3. SunPowerless Solar

SunPowerless Solar has faced criticism for its subpar product quality and customer service.

Dissatisfied customers have reported persistent issues such as low energy generation, system malfunctions, and poor communication from the company.

SunPowerless Solar’s lack of technical expertise and failure to rectify problems promptly has resulted in numerous customer complaints and a tarnished reputation.

#4. SunShady Solutions

SunShady Solutions has garnered a reputation for engaging in deceptive marketing tactics.

The company has been known to make exaggerated claims about the efficiency and performance of its solar systems, often misleading customers into paying exorbitant prices for substandard products.

Many consumers have reported being pressured into signing contracts without fully understanding the terms and conditions, leading to unexpected costs and a sense of being taken advantage of.

#5. SolarTech Nightmare

SolarTech Nightmare has left a trail of dissatisfied customers in its wake. Complaints range from poor installation quality and unreliable system performance to unresponsive customer service and unfulfilled warranty obligations.

Many customers have faced significant delays in obtaining refunds or repairs, leaving them frustrated and disillusioned with their solar investment.


While Australia’s solar industry has seen significant growth and has many reputable companies, it is essential for consumers to be aware of the potential pitfalls when selecting a solar provider.

The aforementioned companies have consistently demonstrated unethical practices, subpar product quality, and poor customer service, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and financial loss.

Before investing in solar, consumers should thoroughly research and vet companies read customer reviews, and ensure transparency and accountability from their chosen solar provider.

By doing so, they can avoid falling prey to the worst solar companies in Australia and make a more informed and satisfactory investment in solar energy.

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