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Tesla Stability Control Disabled? (Fixed)

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Some Tesla drivers have reported that they received a warning message saying “Stability control disabled” while driving, along with other messages such as “Steering assist reduced”, “ABS disabled”, “Traction control disabled”, and “Regenerative braking disabled”.

These messages indicate that the stability control system has malfunctioned, and the vehicle has lost some of its safety features.

The exact causes of this problem are not clear, but some possible factors are faulty wheel speed sensors, faulty ABS pumps, or software glitches.

Some drivers have tried to fix the issue by rebooting the car, but this does not always work.

How to Solve the Stability Control Disabled Problem?

The best solution is to contact Tesla’s roadside service and have the car towed to the nearest service center, where the technicians can diagnose and repair the problem.

Tesla has not officially acknowledged or addressed this issue, but they are likely working on a software update or a recall to prevent it from happening again.

In the meantime, Tesla drivers should be aware of this potential risk and drive carefully, especially on wet or icy roads. If they encounter the stability control disabled message, they should pull over as soon as possible and call for help.

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