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(Fixed) Bing Chat Unavailable With Your Current SafeSearch Setting?

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Bing Chat is a new feature of Microsoft Edge that allows users to chat with an artificial intelligence agent powered by Bing. Users can ask questions, request information, or have a casual conversation with Bing Chat.

However, some users may encounter a problem when they try to access Bing Chat. They may see a message that says “Bing Chat unavailable with your current SafeSearch setting”.

How to fix Bing Chat unavailable with SafeSearch?

There are a few possible solutions to fix Bing Chat unavailable with SafeSearch. Depending on the user’s situation, they can try one or more of the following methods:

1. Change the SafeSearch setting to moderate or off

This can be done by selecting the icon in the upper right of the Bing.com window, selecting Settings, and then selecting More. Choose your SafeSearch preference: Strict, Moderate, or Off. Select Save at the bottom of the menu.

2. Create a new Microsoft account and set its SafeSearch to strict

Then, continue using Bing Chat in your current account with moderate or disabled SafeSearch. This is a workaround that can help users who want to keep strict SafeSearch for their web searches but also use Bing Chat.

3. Check with your corporate or organization

If they have a policy that blocks Bing Chat or sets SafeSearch to strict for all users. You can check with your IT administrator or network manager to see if they can modify this for you.

4. Check if your country has a law that requires SafeSearch to be set to strict for all users

If you are facing restrictions while accessing Bing Chat from your current location, you can use a VPN server to bypass this restriction and gain access to Bing Chat from another location.

5. Use voice search to access Bing Chat

Some users have reported that if they search using voice, and then click on the Bing Chat once the search has gone through, it will open the Bing Chat anyway regardless of any SafeSearch block.

However, this may not work for all users and may be blocked in the future.


Bing Chat is a fun and useful feature of Microsoft Edge that can help users with various tasks and queries. However, some users may face a problem when they try to use Bing Chat with strict SafeSearch.

This article has explained what SafeSearch is, why it affects Bing Chat, and how to fix Bing Chat unavailable with SafeSearch.

Users can try one or more of the solutions mentioned above to enjoy chatting with Bing Chat.

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